Everything You Need to Know About Water Testing

We take the worry out of water. Scheduling a complimentary water test with your local RainSoft expert is a significant first step to help with any water-related issues and find the right solution. While every homeowner's water situation is unique, here's what you can typically expect from your water-testing appointment with RainSoft, which usually takes about 30 minutes.

Little to no preparation is required.

We'll need to determine where water treatment could be installed, so we will likely ask to look at your basement, under the sink, and in a utility room. Important considerations are:

  • The size of the space.
  • Access to electrical, access to a drain.
  • Your water pipes' diameter.

We'll need access to your water for water testing, whether from a municipal water source or a private well. For most water tests, water from the tap of your kitchen sink is all that's needed. However, suppose you already have a water softener or filtration system. In that case, we'll also need access to the water at the point of entry to your home (so we can understand your water quality before post-treatment). In addition, we will need access to water before any water treatment or at the pressure tank if you have a private well.

Simple questions for you.

Clients typically schedule consultations because they have specific concerns about their water quality. We'll ask about these at the consultation. Here are some of the most commonly mentioned issues:

  • Unpleasant odors or tastes
  • Glass doors or dishes with water spots
  • Red or brown stains around toilet bowls and faucets
  • Calcium buildup on faucets and showerheads
  • Issues with dishwashers and washing machines
  • Soap scum on shower doors and walls
  • Shampoo buildup on hair
  • Dry and itchy skin and scalp
  • Laundry not cleaned properly

Even if you haven't noticed any issues, Our water test will provide peace of mind if you're concerned about the safety of your water or have seen reports about potential concerns on your local news. This is important for municipal water users and private well water users responsible for their water quality. (If your water comes from a private well, it's recommended that you test the well water annually, as federal rules governing public drinking water systems do not apply to private wells.)

We offer several units for different water issues , so we will also ask about your household's water usage. A few quick questions will allow us to determine your water usage accurately.

Water testing helps us know what you need.

In-home water tests vary by location, but in most cases, RainSoft's free water tests will determine the levels of hardness, chlorine, and total dissolved solids (dissolved salts, minerals and metals, also known as TDS) in your water, as well as the pH level. If your water comes from a private well, additional tests might also look for the presence of hydrogen sulfide (sulfur) and iron.

In-home test results are typically ready in 30 minutes or less, so there's no need to schedule an additional appointment to review the findings.

It's important to note that while community water systems treat water at the plant, they can't control the quality of the water going through the pipes to your home. That's where RainSoft systems come in. If you're concerned about a specific contaminant, such as lead, or arsenic or if an initial test reveals a more complex water problem, we may recommend a laboratory test.

We'll make a recommendation customized to your home, water test results and usage, and specific concerns.

After testing water and determining the cause of any identified water issues, We will recommend RainSoft water treatment solutions based on the in-home water test results, and water usage. This discussion will explain how exactly the RainSoft system will work to improve your water quality and a cost estimate. You'll also learn why RainSoft is the best choice for your water treatment needs. For example, RainSoft Water products are backed by third-party organizations such as the Water Quality Association, NSF, and Underwriters Laboratories.

With over 60 years as a leader in the water treatment industry and serving 20 million customers per year, our products and services are trusted worldwide. We have solutions for every budget, with rental, financing and purchasing options. Once you decide on a RainSoft system, installation can typically be scheduled within two to five days.

Questions? Reach out to us at any time.