Making Water Great Again.
Say goodbye to water issues and hello to the benefits of enhanced water quality with Blue Wolf Concepts, your premier Rainsoft Dealer.
Shiny, Clean Fixtures.
Explore why the RainSoft name has been synonymous with technologically advanced water softening equipment that homeowners can depend on.
Healthy Drinking Water.
A RainSoft drinking water system can supply all the healthy and delicious water your family needs, plus help the environment by reducing the number of plastic bottles in the waste stream.
Whiter Brighter Laundry.
If you're dealing with bad sulfur odors or stains caused by iron or manganese in your water, a RainSoft problem-solving filter is a solution for you.
Stress Free, Clean Water.
Many naturally occurring bacteria may be present in well water. Most of them harmless; however, potential health issues from certain types of harmful bacteria in private water systems can be concerning which we can help you address.
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With a rich history of more than half a century of combined experience, Blue Wolf Concepts proudly remains a family-owned business. Our exceptional services extend throughout Central Michigan, Western Michigan, Southwestern Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Northern Ohio regions. Headquartered in Mason, Michigan, our dedicated team is ready to assist in all areas under our expertise. Reach out to us today and experience the difference!
Why Choose Blue Wolf Concepts For Your Water Needs?
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Discover the unrivaled water treatment solutions offered by Blue Wolf Concepts, Michigan's Premier RainSoft dealer. Our comprehensive range of whole-home water systems is specifically designed to combat the harmful effects of hard water and provide you with the softest, most rejuvenating water imaginable.
Water Conditioning
Providing Your Family with the Best Drinking Water. Discover the ultimate drinking water systems with Blue Wolf Concepts, Michigan's Premier RainSoft dealer. Rest assured that you are offering your loved ones the finest quality water available.
Drinking Water Systems
Experience Cleaner and Fresher Laundry with Blue Wolf Concepts. Upgrade your home with the cutting-edge cleaning technology used by prestigious hotels. At Blue Wolf Concepts, we specialize in installing detergent-less laundry systems that guarantee you cleaner and fresher laundry like never before.
Detergent-less Laundry System
We offer a wide range of filtration systems tailored to address any problem you may have with your water. Rest assured, our systems are designed to eliminate lead, bacteria, Iron, Sulphur, and more, ensuring cleaner water for your home. Contact us today to schedule a FREE water analysis and discover the perfect filtration solution for your needs.
Whole Home Water
Filtration Systems
Introducing RainSoft’s AirMaster Ultra - the exceptional UV air purifier. Unlike ordinary home air purification systems that solely rely on UV technology, this cutting-edge product goes above and beyond. Equipped with two powerful lamps, it is specifically designed to more effectively eliminate airborne contaminants and odors from your home.
Air Filtration
We believe in thorough home water testing to detect any potential impurities in your water supply. By conducting this comprehensive analysis upfront, we can accurately pinpoint your specific water concerns and provide tailored water treatment solutions that are ideal for you.
FREE Water


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Discover the quality of your water with our complimentary water test kit. Take the first step towards understanding your water better - order your free kit today.
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